Never Tomorrow Ep

by Mangy Pride

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The second Mangy instalment...

This recording was made over 7 days in a dusty storage room in Montreal. Surrounded and inspired by relics of my past, it was definitely an emotionally cathartic process. No room for second guessing or rethinking. I just let it pour out, in my own mangy way.


released May 13, 2013

Mangy Pride - Never Tomorrow Ep, 2013.
Music by Jules Pampena
co-produced by Santino Coco
Recorded @Narcotiques en Cours, Montreal
additional percs and mandolins on "Mangy Stomp" played by Coco
Mastered by Joe Pacheco @ Inner light Studios
Photos by Jules and Coco
Design by Gianni Berretta
Thanks to Rob and Markus for providing me with a place to cook.


all rights reserved



Mangy Pride Montreal, Québec

Down-south, swampy soul, driven by an infatuation with the unworldly. Mangy Pride is the solo endeavour of musician, Jules Pampena.

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Track Name: Mangy Stomp
What you say
is never what you mean
drive around
in your tacky limousine
make believe
with a trophy on your sleeve
and you don't
know how to give her what she needs

Sitting tight
oh you find me so polite
you think I don't know wrong from right
but I can see
yeah it's written on your forehead
you're the past
and it keeps you satisfied

you tag along
you're danglin' on the end of a string
don't you forget who's real

like to laugh?
well you're the fuckin' joke
while you dealin' out your meager pills of hope
oh I don't need
to sweat it out under your spotlight
I create
while you can only choke

oh shine it nice
baby push it at just-the-right-price
while I just give it away
Track Name: Never Tomorrow
never tomorrow

make no mistake

she stands long and narrow

she is the light in your shadow

pilots in wake

chase the sky black

the sun slips away

but it always comes back

You're a spoke on a wheel

and you splash down the street

with your hands on your eyes

letting go of both feet

and you tear through the crossing

in a powerful haze

you don't care if they're looking

you don't care about the looks on their face

in a flight down a barrel

swallowed up by the tide

with the bobbing and choking

an impossible ride

never tomorrow

make no mistake

she stands long and narrow

she is the light in your shadow

pilots in wake

chase the sky black

the sun slips away

but it always comes back
Track Name: I'd like to see you try
you might get sick from alcohol
you might fall right straight through the wall
it might get dark before you sleep
you might have demons tugging at your sleeve

I'd like to see you try

mind your business there's nothing to see
this one here's between you and me
it's getting hard to look you in the face
your eyes are bugging and your mouth's erased
now you're waking up beside yourself
are you ever ever ever gonna ring that bell?

I'd like to see you try
Track Name: Brand X
If you don't

love your own




Track Name: Wage the Battle
sitting at the back of this bus
spent the day in city rust
the air is hot
the people rush
they all wage the battle

there's nothing you can say to me today
make this feeling go away
when all my doubts come out to play
another battle on the way

have I lived to be so bold
will my story ever be told

sitting at the back of this bus
face is red with city lust
want so much my heart is crushed
living in dreams is not enough

will we live before we're too old
when our bodies grow tired and cold
are we really that easily sold

will we live before we're too old
will our story ever be told
Track Name: Reincarnation Blues
have you had enough?
have you had enough?
you're making it hard to believe
the worst is
over over over
making it tough

and if we don't make
a deadly mistake
and if you're not made to believe
you'll have to live
over over over
make no mistake

can't buy it no way
can't but it no way
your money don't hold you no place
no choice but to stare it in the face
and look at it
over over over
all through your days

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